i loved mine 

was reblog called republish before



i loved mine 

was reblog called republish before


I don’t even know. whut. I’m just hungry for sushi. I’m not sure why I sliced her in half….like a sashimi. or why there’s a mermaid sushi thing. 

I don’t know. I feel like my daily sketches are getting weirder xDDD.

damn it’s hard to put stuff on paper with ink cause it’s so damn permanent. 

another quick sketch.

How to draw manga/comic



…..Ok, so I’ve had this question and a few similar others for a while now… And I’ve been wondering how I should answer… First, I’ll get down with the materials and go with the basic strategy about how I work with drawing comics. I’ll also be lecturing about the specific types of the mangas, so you can skip that part if you want… Just so you know, this is how I work. Everybody has their own ways of doing it, so this should not limit any of you to how you want to draw comics.

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Happy Birthday Kim Woo Bin || Fave pics of Model WooBin

"In whatever job I am doing, I hope to try my best to not leave behind regrets. Regret is inevitable every time, but I work hard to make the regret as small as possible. And once I think of the people who have helped me get the opportunity, I feel that I must work harder to repay them."

happy bday to my one and only woobin ♡ 

Happy birthday to our gentle and warmhearted 김우빈. I hope all of your wishes will come true, and your life to be filled with happiness. I hope you will stay the same wonderful caring person you are today. By simply being you, you have made my life better. And for that you are someone I will always look up to and treaure. 사랑해!


Happy 25th Birthday to actor/model Kim Woo Bin


Arturo is a 29-year-old male polar bear currently living in Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo. He is suffering in 40C (104F) heat in an enclosure that has just 20 inches of water for him to swim in and has as a consequence been displaying worrying behavior.

Please sign this petition or at least spread the word in order to have Arturo transferred to a zoo in Canada which has better facilities for an animal that is used to polar conditions.


just braiding her hair

quick 10 minute sketch :)


I have no idea what I drew. a gay mail-boy centaur or something, prancing around delivering mail. Yes, naked. don’t get any ideas…

15 minute sketch

Duuuuude whats up the the Fandom battle thing going on ????

 Mtv’s //fandom of the year// and now billboards //fan army face-off// what??

But I’m like so excited the Girls Generation (SONES) and Big Bang (VIP) are in the contest !!! Kpop’s takin on the world \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ


Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret 

Daily doodle.